• Why Rapid Weight Loss Wins Over Slow Weight Loss

    There’s a long-held belief that rapid weight loss is not sustainable. You’ve probably heard the standard 1-2 pounds of weight per week is the healthiest way to lose over time. You might also have heard that any rapid weight loss diet is “just a fad” and you’ll soon gain the weight back and then some. But recent studies and our own personal
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  • Introducing Mimi’s Miracle Charcoal Toothpaste!

    If you haven't heard the buzz about Charcoal Toothpaste yet, you will! It's taking the oral hygiene world by storm. And why not? It's a great natural alternative to more abrasive toothpastes, and contains no fluoride, which is something a lot of people are concerned about ingesting. Mimi's Miracle Charcoal Toothpaste is a gel based paste,
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  • If-You-Could-Only-Have-One-Supplement-What-Would-It-Be

    If You Could Only Have One Supplement, What Would It Be?

    When using the terms “desert island,” things get real, really quick. They’re items that are CRUCIAL for health and survival, there’s no room for fluff and failures when you’re marooned with only a few items. We don’t want to waste our time, money, energy, and possibly our health on supplements that aren’t going to give us the biggest bang for
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  • The-Top-7-Easy-To-Do-Health-Tips-Header

    The Top 7 Easy-To-Do Health Tips

    1. Drink more water! We all know it, but few do it consistently. Keep your water bottle with you, and drink half your body weight in ounces EVERY DAY! If you weigh 150, that's 75 ounces. Easy to do, and free! 2. Eat slowly! Experts assure us that just adding 5-10 minutes to each meal does wonders for our digestion, and helps us naturally
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