• 065 On Natural Healing and Integrated Health

    Dr. Michael Pound has a goal to bridge the gap between alternative healthcare and mainstream medicine. He is currently enrolled in the Duke Integrative Health Leadership program, which is striving to bring natural modalities to mainstream medicine. Dr. Pound is a chiropractor and also has a diploma in integrative pain
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  • 064 Miracle By The Lake

    One of the big races I did was at the Echo Reservoir. There were 900 people in the race, and it was exciting. I had a great swim. But I wasn’t prepared for the difficult, hilly bike course, and with a few miles to go I realized I had used up too much energy on the bike, and didn’t leave enough for the run leg. I started to pray for help. I
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  • 063 Wim Hof Method- Simplified

    Dr. Joe Kepo'o is a student of the Wim Hof method. You know, the one where you freeze your fanny off in ice baths or other arctic conditions. Well, um, nobody really wants to do that. BUT there are huge advantages to cold therapy, and Dr. Joe has simplified the Wim Hof method to something that anybody can do as part of their daily
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  • 062 Effortless Mindfulness for Non-Monks! With Thomas McConkie.

    Mindfulness is all the rage right now, but many people may be over-complicating it. Learn how to implement the benefits of mindfulness effortlessly into your daily regimen with mindfulness master Thomas McConkie. Thomas McConkie is an author, public speaker, and mindfulness teacher. He is the Founder of Lower Lights School
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  • 061 That “Charcoal Toothpaste” Thing

    You may have seen the buzz about charcoal toothpaste, and thought it is pretty odd to brush your teeth with something black! But what's all the fuss about? In this episode, we interview Dr. Bob Wagstaff, the inventor of the Orabrush and patent holder on additional dental care products, on why charcoal toothpaste may be your next personal
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  • 060 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Sleep Better

    We all know sleep is important. It allows our bodies to recover, to clean up toxins, and for cognitive function. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, causes many health problems, like increased inflammation, impaired focus, fat loss, lower testosterone, and poor cardiovascular health. In this episode, I review research conducted by,
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  • 059 Using Chromium GTF For Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Management, and Lower Cholesterol.

    Ned Jensen holds the patent on the clinically proven product Chromium GTF. Studies show this product helps people lose weight, manage blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. Get the low-down from the man himself, Ned Jensen,  on this exciting supplement (He holds the patent). Everybody can benefit from this, but people with type 2 diabetes
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  • 058 The Supplement that 77% of US Adults are Deficient in.

    In this episode, we look into amazing clinical studies, functional supplements, and actionable tips on Vitamins A, D and K. Discover how Vitamin A, D, and K work hand in hand, and getting the right combination could make more difference to a person's long-term health than any other supplement. I'll highlight parts of the outstanding book
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  • 057 The Tooth Brush Reinvented. On Oral Care and Bad Breath with Dr. Bob Wagstaff.

    Description: Dr. Bob Wagstaff is the inventor of the Orabrush. Since he sold that company, he has created new patents on something you probably take for granted... your toothbrush. Learn the latest in oral care, fighting bad breath, and, well, how to clean chickens in this fascinating look into the life or an oral care mad
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  • 056 Cravings Part Deux. The RAIN Method

    This is part two of our health show diving deeper into cravings! Where they stem from, what they are really telling you and how to overcome them through mindful practices. I'll be pulling from archives and sharing great truths to help you cut down on unwanted food cravings starting today. Everyone goes through phases of
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