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Well this takes everything to a whole new level! I have always loved music, but just as entertainment.

Bill Protzmann is a world famous thought leader in using music as therapy. His ideas are simple, powerful, easy to understand, and quick to implement. I interviewed Bill and came away with MANY great ideas to use music more purposefully as both enjoyment and as a means of therapy.

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In episode 112 of this show, I interviewed Lisa Balash, the Kettlebell Bombshell, and I was inspired to try working out from home. That was six months ago, and little did I know that a few months later the world would be locked down and I wouldn’t be able to hit the gym.

My timing couldn’t have been better. And since making the switch, I have learned a lot, and want to share my best nuggets with you. So I used “the google,” did some informal polls of customers, and advice from some certified fitness coaches in my orbit and identified the 7 major problems people have when they start a home workout plan, and what you can do to make sure your plan works for you, is fun and enjoyable, and helps you achieve your goals!

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Welcome to Meditation 101: A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness, with Zen Master Lon Young.

Lon Young is a writer and educator and co-founder of Awakening Valley Sangha. He is an ordained Zen Buddhist, as well as a devout Christian. Lon and his wife and their five children lived in India helping leprosy-affected communities and coordinating international humanitarian volunteer efforts.

He holds degrees in Music, Creative Writing, and Literature and has been teaching in public schools for over two decades. His poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in several literary journals.

And… he is a great meditation teacher and practitioner!

Here are the questions I asked Lon, and his answers. You can also listen in on the interview I conducted here:

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Fasting is an ancient tradition that has gained traction in the health world recently.

In this post I explore how the spiritual and physical traditions of fasting can converge. How fasting for health can also add meaning to your life, and how spiritual fasting can improve your health.

Don’t like to fast? This post can help! Feel yucky when fasting? Been there. Have some solutions.

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I just received some pretty amazing studies on the Corona virus, which were conducted before the outbreak. (Thanks to Dr. Jeff Matheson for sending these over).

A bit technical, but hang in for the punchline, which is pretty straightforward.

The first study is called: “Characterization of the Lipidomic Profile of Human Coronavirus-Infected Cells: Implications for Lipid Metabolism Remodeling upon Coronavirus Replication.”1.

And the other is: “Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses and Killing of Cells by Fatty Acids.”2

There’s a lot in there, but there’s a couple highlights:

“Enveloped viruses like the Corona Virus are susceptible to inactivation and destruction by certain fatty acids.”

“Antiviral fatty acids were found to affect the viral envelope, causing leakage and at higher concentrations, a complete disintegration of the envelope and the viral particles. They also caused disintegration of the plasma membranes of tissue culture cells resulting in cell lysis and death….”

“Supplementation of LA [Parent omega-6] / AA [omega-6 series long-chain derivative] significantly suppressed both HCoV-229E (which can impair the respiratory system), and also significantly suppressed the highly virulent MERS-CoV described above. They can be metabolized to important eicosanoids and metabolites, which play multiple roles in the host immune response and the pathogenesis of viral infections.”

So, the long and short of this is that while we are all protecting the OUTSIDE of our bodies, we can be protecting the inside by significantly raising our intake of high quality Omegas, especially healthy sources of Omega 6:

-Hemp seeds
-Sunflower seeds
-Peanut butter
-Avocado oil

These foods should be eaten daily for best effect. Image of pure form omegas

In addition, because our diets are not perfect, and the foods we eat are often processed and less nutrient dense than we would like, I recommend Pureform Omegas

The tagline “Time to Change Your Oil” is absolutely spot on, as these plant based omegas kick butt on the (often rancid) fish oils that are so popular, but unfortunately, highly inefficient and our bodies are not adapted to utilize them. 

Learn about the power of plant based Omegas here, and try to get more of the foods listed, to not only protect yourself now, but to improve your cell health and immune system permanently!

Study 1:

Study 2:

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The Great Mimi’s Miracle Silver Giveaway.

During this outbreak, we are providing our customers with a free bottle of Mimi’s Miracle Silver with every purchase. Colloidal silver has several uses:

-As a natural alternative to chemical hand sanitizers. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, then spray 2 sprays of Mimi’s Miracle Silver in a palm and rub it in. Gives protection for approximately 2 hours.

-Take 6 sprays in the morning and 6 sprays at night orally. Let it absorb through the walls of your mouth directly into your blood stream.

-Spray on your dog or cat after a stranger pets it!

-Spray on surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, etc before you touchmimi's miracle silver image

Now, we are not in any way suggesting that this will treat, prevent, or cure a disease. But it can be an effective part of your strategy based on the scientific findings.

The Sciency Stuff.

Several studies published on the government site PubMed show really interesting findings regarding silver.

In this one, Metal nanoparticles: The protective nanoshield against virus infection.

The abstract says: “Among metal nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles have strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral potential to boost the host immunity against pathogen attack.”

In this one, “Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles: Structural Effects.” They state: “The increase of antibiotic resistance in bacteria has become a major concern for successful diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Over the past few decades, significant progress has been achieved on the development of nanotechnology-based medicines for combating multidrug resistance in microorganisms. Among this, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) hold great promise in addressing this challenge due to their broad-spectrum and robust antimicrobial properties.”

And this one is interesting. A Hong Kong strain of Influenza A was obtained and researchers tested a Colloidal Silver spray (manufactured by the exact same plant that makes ours) and found that, “Silver Zinc throat spray demonstrated a >99.99997% reduction in the stock virus titer following a 15 minute exposure time.”

So, for the next few weeks, or until stock runs out, we are providing a FREE Mimi’s Miracle Silver with EVERY purchase, regardless of size, made at

Limitations: We can only ship this product within the continental United States.
Offer will end when we run out of bottles, or until the current situation is restored to some semblance of sanity and reality.

Again, we are not claiming that this will treat, prevent, or cure disease. We are providing it as a service to our customers to add to the other recommendations made by the CDC and other experts in the pandemic field.

Check out Mimi’s Miracle Silver here.

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Whether you are new to fitness, coming back from an exercise hiatus or looking to take your fitness to the next level, Nikki Ray has some great ideas to help you reach your goals. From pantry makeovers, to choosing a functional, fun workout program, this episode will help you up your game and get more fit.

Nikki Ray is a Fitness & Nutrition Coach whose main focus is on strength & conditioning training and weight loss. After a 15-year career as a corporate lawyer, Nikki decided to pursue her passion for fitness and got certified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She also got Muay Thai and High Performance Training in Thailand.

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