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Dr. Annette Bosworth, or “Dr. Boz” as her patients know her, had an amazing experience helping her mother turn her cancer around… in a totally natural way. She has written a book with over 1000 five star reviews on Amazon, called Any Way You Can, and she shares with us her top five tips for success on a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

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2 superfoods to eat daily blog headerA while back I did research on super foods. I used the Google to find all of the credible sites that had lists of superfoods, some were top 10 lists, or top 25, even top 100. I compared them all to each other, and compared which foods appeared the most, and which were most consistently at the top.

I then made a list of the top 25 foods, and what I discovered is that many of the lists disagreed and contradicted each other, but without fail two foods topped the list… always.

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doctors dont' like natural dietary supplements

Natural Dietary Supplements… Godsend or snake oil?

We often see statements like, “My doctors says I don’t need supplements,” or “Just eat a healthy diet and you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals you need!”

And while these sentiments are well meaning, they aren’t backed up by science. Every time I see these statements, I ask the people if they are willing to share the results of the test showing that they don’t have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. And every time the answer is predictable… they didn’t get tested and have no evidence that they don’t have deficiencies.

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Bracha’s back! In the previous episode with Bracha, titled Searching for God in the Garbage (episode 69) we talked about her book.

In this episode we dive into her story and how she personally overcame food addictions and health problems through her understanding of spirituality and discovering meaning that helped her rise above her challenges.

Bracha covers this difficult topic with insight, wisdom and experience.

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Larry Zimberg has 15 years of experience as a CPT (certified personal trainer). He was the head of training and nutrition at the International Sportscience Institute (ISI) Los Angeles. He was a National Sales Director Beachbody during the P90X craze.

Listen in as we touch on great tips regarding intermittent fasting, the benefits of being “Keto-ish,” and how Larry has achieved middle-aged awesomeness through his health habits and studies.  (And how you can to 😉

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